First Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange in ERC-20

Ordinals: Application Solutions Provider

TUBES Listing

• Tubes

Inscription Technology

The process of embedding arbitrary data into the Bitcoin blockchain through the witnessing of transactions

As Ethereum's ERC-20 token protocol become an industry standard.


Current State of the Inscription Ecosystem

  • Low liquidity?

  • Inconsistent profits?

  • Unable to trade inscriptions?

  • Volatility in market prices?

  • Unable to transfer NFTs?

  • Significant losses in a market crash?

The firstERC-20 cross-chain decentralized exchange

Ordinals: Solution of Application Provider
  • • fairness
  • • decentralization
  • • security
  • • resistance to censorship
  • Swap
    Trade crypto instantly across multiple chains
  • Liquidity
    Fund liquidity pools, earn trading fees
  • Bridge
    Seamlessly transfer assets across chains
  • Perpetual
    Trade endlessly without expiration dates
  • Buy Crypto
    Buy crypto with your preferred currency and payment method
  • Farm
    Stake LP tokens, harvest CAKE
  • Pools
    Stake CAKE, earn various rewards
  • Liquid Staking
    Earn rewards while retaining assets flexibility
  • Simple Staking
    Earn rewards hassle-free with single-sided staking
  • Position Manager
    Automate your Tubes liquidity

Cross-chain protocols

Multi layer protocol of bitcoin
Development roadmap

2023 Q1

TUBE Dao is deeply involved in the development of ERC-20 technology and collaborates with the Ordinals development team to jointly explore the future feasibility of ERC-20 technology

  • 2023 Q3

    Commencing the development of the ERC-20 cross-chain decentralized exchange - TUBE Protocol

  • October 2023

    Beta version of TUBE Protocol launched.

  • 2024 Q1

    TUBES completes all minting and launches TUBE Protocol features

  • December 2023

    The first phase of TUBE Protocol testing is completed.

  • January 2024

    TUBE Protocol's token, TUBES, is officially launched.

Development Roadmap 2024

2024 Q2

Launched the ERC-20 NFT trading market for inscriptions.

  • 2024 Q2

    Officially launched various major inscription tokens, opened liquidity staking pools for inscription tokens

  • 2024 Q2

    Launchpad online

  • 2024 Q3

    Added 100+ inscription tokens to TUBE Protocol

  • 2024 Q3

    Introduced inscription token collateralized lending protocols

  • 2024 Q4

    Decentralized exchange daily trading volume surpassed $100 million